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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does SPD provide 100% protection?

Not necessarily so. A surge protector is a device that protects facilities from abnormal overvoltage and overcurrent coming from the outside. It protects facilities and equipment by lowering the abnormal overvoltage coming from the outside to below the limit voltage. For complete protection, a surge protector of the appropriate grade and capacity must be installed in an appropriate location, and facilities and equipment must also have resistance to basic impulse withstand voltage.

Do I not need to install SPD if I'm near a lightning rod?

No. Lightning rods and surge protectors have different roles. A lightning rod is a structure that acts as an air-termination unit to prevent lightning from striking the protected object (people, buildings, structures, etc.). It protects against direct lightning, but rather affects the partial lightning current, induced current, and magnetic field generated by it. It may cause spark discharge and damage to electronic devices. Therefore, in places where lightning rods are installed, it is mandatory to install an SPD on the relevant electric line.

By what criteria are levels 1 and 2 divided?

The grades of SPD are classified according to the size of the surge waveform on which the performance test was performed.

The relevant information is presented in the test standards of KS IEC 61643-11.

When installing a surge protector, is it necessary to install a circuit breaker together?

It is recommended that you install a protective device dedicated to the SPD together.

Does an SPD need to be replaced once it has protected?

Not necessarily so. SPD is marked with a capacity for surges. If a surge exceeding the maximum surge protection capacity flows in, the life of the SPD expires and must be replaced. However, if a surge that is less than that flows in, it can be used until the replacement sign is displayed. Please check your SPDs regularly and immediately replace any SPDs that are marked for replacement.

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