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KS C IEC 61643-312 (confirmed in 2021) Low-voltage surge protection device – Part 312: Guidelines for selecting and applying gas discharge pipes

Field Electrical/Electronics (C) > electrical/electronic
applied area This standard of IEC 61643 is intended for application to gas discharge tubes (GDTs) used for communication, signaling, and overvoltage protection in low-voltage systems with nominal system voltages of up to 1,000 V AC (effective value) and 1,500 V DC. The definition of GDT is that a single gap or several gaps are sealed together with two or three metal electrodes using a controlled gas mixture and pressure. It is designed to protect people or equipment or both from very high voltage transients. This standard is intended to provide application, characteristics, and information of GDT circuits with 2 to 3 electrodes. This standard does not specify all requirements for a finished surge protection device, nor does it specify all requirements for GDT inside electronic equipment, where accurate protection coordination between GDT performance and surge protection device tolerance is very important. Among IEC 61643 What is this standard? The facilities of the GDT and their impact on the characteristics of the GDT are not covered. The characteristics of the GDT given here are only for application to GDTs installed for testing; It does not address mechanical size and scale;? It also does not address requirements for quality assurance;? May not be sufficient for GDT for high frequencies (>30 MHz);? It does not cover electrostatic voltage;? Hybrid high-voltage protection elements and GDT combination devices are not covered.
Standard name (English) COMPONENTS FOR LOW–VOLTAGE SURGE PROTECTIVE DEVICES – Part 312: Selection and application principles for gas discharge tubes
International Standard Classification (ICS) code

31.100: Electron tube

33.040.99: Other equipment for communication systems

Compliance with international standards

IEC 61643-312:2013(IDT)

※ IDT: Match, MOD: Modify, NEQ: Not match
Notification agency (notification number) National Agency for Technology and Standards (No. 2021-0366)
Reason for notice 5-year confirmation standard
KS screening standards
published date situation Screening criteria file reason
There is no KS screening criteria information.
number of pages 17

History information

standard number standard name Announcement date situation Reason for notice note
KS C IEC 61643-312 (confirmed 2021) View Details Low-pressure surge protection device – Part 312: Gas discharge pipe selection and application guidelines 2021-09-28 OK (Standard) 5-year confirmation standard
KS C IEC 61643-312 View Details Low-pressure surge protection device – Part 312: Gas discharge pipe selection and application guidelines 2016-10-24 Enacted (old version) Introduced by IEC TC 37 (Surge Suppressor) Division in compliance with IEC 61643-312, published as version 1.0 in 2013.

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