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Surge Black Box SBB---Surge Black Box

In modern high technology technologies such as cutting-edge IT information and communication and automatic control systems, computer systems using Micro Processors, ultra-high density integrated circuits, and various IC chips are used in a very wide range of fields.

Highly computerized systems are subject to surges in the form of instantaneous transient voltages caused by various causes such as direct or indirect lightning or the switching operation of the power system, and these surges can cause equipment loss and various accidents. It is becoming.

However, without accurate information, records, or diagnosis of the condition of the surge, which is the cause of this accident, it is dismissed as a natural disaster.

Even if SPDs are installed in all facilities and various systems connected to the power and communication system, it is impossible to know how much surge has flowed in, at what time, and to what extent. This accumulated surge increases electrical stress (insulation destruction, durability deterioration, system stability destruction, shortened lifespan, performance deterioration), and causes system downtime , equipment loss and deterioration , communication errors , and data transmission errors. This poses a serious threat of not only causing problems in facility operation but also causing economic losses and major accidents .

As cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, and autonomous driving, which are the core of the 4th Industrial Revolution, are implemented based on 5G, it has become urgent to prepare measures against brain damage, EMP, and surges. In addition, hospitals, financial facilities, manufacturing plants, large buildings, production facilities, substations, major military facilities, and renewable energy power generation facilities that utilize various cutting-edge technologies also require systematic and specific data on surges.

Surge Black Box is an optimized surge basic system that detects and stores surge data occurring internally and externally to provide three-dimensional and systematic countermeasures from the occurrence of surge to the cause of an accident. am .



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