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Disconnector for surge protector

SPD (surge protector) separator (disconnector)


◆ Product usage

。In KS C IEC 61643-11, the separator must satisfy the separation function for current and separation function for heat.

。The separator is a device that separates the current and prevents problems in the surge protector and existing lines due to abnormal current.

◆ Purpose and characteristics of use

The separator is a specialized backup protection device for SPD and is used only for the purpose of protecting the SPD.

。The characteristics of the product are

1. At commercial frequencies, the trip current is several amperes or less and is blocked in tens of ms or less.

2. It does not trip below the impulse current specification of the relevant SCB.

3. Residual voltage after lightning strike is low.


◆ Description of standard specifications

。In accordance with clause of KS C IEC 61643-11

“The SPD must have a separator (which can be internal or external, or both internal and external). However, the separator of the SPD connected between N-PE connections of the TN system and/or between N-PE connections of the TT system dedicated system can be omitted.”


。Article 3.1.28 of KS C IEC 61643-11

SPD disconnector

Device that opens the SPD from the power system

Remark - SPD isolators do not require the breaking performance required for system safety.

Used to indicate SPD failure.

The separator can be configured as a built-in or external type, and in the case of an external type, the manufacturer must present it.

There may be more than one isolation function, such as overcurrent protection and thermal protection.

These functions may be integrated into one device, or they may exist separately in different devices for each function.

。Article 3.16 of KS C IEC 61643-12

SPD disconnector

A device that disconnects the SPD from the system when the SPD fails. It prevents continuous malfunctions occurring in the system and visually indicates SPD malfunctions.

Note 1 – Definition 3.29 of KS C IEC 61643-1 is cited with the following note added.

NOTE 2 – SPD circuit breakers are required to have at least three functions: protection against heat-related problems (such as thermal runaway in the varistor, etc.), protection against internal short circuits and indirect circuit breakers.

Protection against contact. This functionality can be achieved with one or more circuit breakers.

Each circuit breaker is either built into the SPD or mounted externally.

Can be used in SPD circuits or power lines.


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