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EMP protection

This is an electron emission effect caused by an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), and all electronic devices affected by the electromagnetic pulse are destroyed.

EMP ( Electromagnetic Pulse, An electromagnetic pulse is an electromagnetic shock wave generated by a nuclear explosion. When a nuclear explosion occurs, electromagnetic waves and neutrons are generated. At this time, gamma-ray photons, which are electromagnetic waves with strong energy, are spread into the atmosphere, causing the Compton effect ( Compton effect). effect ) occurs. In other words, when a gamma-ray photon in a high-energy state collides with an atomic nucleus with a low energy unit, an electron with a smaller mass than the atomic nucleus is emitted. The movement of the electrons that receive energy from the gamma-ray photon creates a strong electric and magnetic field, and the electric field in the stage before the nuclear explosion It plays a role in strongly changing .

The high-energy electrons emitted through this process undergo wave-like oscillatory motion, creating a powerful electromagnetic pulse, that is, EMP occurs. EMP enters the electronic circuit and becomes electric current. Because the energy of EMP is extremely large, an overcurrent flows that the circuit cannot withstand, and this overcurrent destroys the electronic circuit. All electronic devices that run on semiconductors , including communication equipment, computers, transportation, computer networks, and military equipment, will be paralyzed.

When the U.S. Navy tested a nuclear weapon over the Pacific in 1962, about 1,000 people died at the explosion site. km Observation equipment, surveillance and command systems, televisions, traffic lights, telephones, etc. stopped working in remote locations, which was caused by the nuclear explosion. It was revealed that it was an EMP .

After that, it neutralizes all power systems, including the enemy's military communication systems and weapons, without causing any harm to people. EMP Weapon ( EMP) bomb) was developed. As modern warfare is conducted with communication and armament systems based on the electronics industry, it can travel hundreds to thousands of kilometers within 0.5 to 100 seconds after an explosion. Destroying all electronic facilities within EMP If you have a weapon, you can launch a fatal attack that paralyzes the enemy's command and weapons system.

EMP Weapons are big NEMP (nuclear electromagnetic pulse) weapons and It can be classified as a NNEMP (non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse) weapon. NEMP The weapon uses large-scale electromagnetic waves emitted during a nuclear explosion, causing certain and severe damage over a wide area, but controlling the nuclear explosion is difficult. NNEMP Weapons without nuclear explosions Built-in device that mechanically emits EMP EMP It can only achieve results. In other words, it does not contain any nuclear materials such as uranium or plutonium, but it is equivalent to a nuclear explosion. Emission of EMP causes damage similar to using nuclear weapons. This weapon can be controlled to inflict as much damage as desired, limited to the desired area.

EMP The weapon is built into the warhead of an aircraft-dropped bomb or cruise missile equipped with a precision guidance device. Meanwhile EMP to prepare for attack EMP Shielding technology has also been developed.

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