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Disaster safety cannot be emphasized enough.

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[Chungbuk Ilbo] As the summer season approaches, various safety accidents continue to occur. As outdoor activities increase seasonally and the weather continues to be difficult to predict, the likelihood of safety accidents is higher than ever. Moreover, due to abnormal climate conditions such as global warming, summer weather is becoming more and more unpredictable. Summer is when various climate changes such as heat waves, heavy rain, thunder, lightning, and hail occur in a single day. Such unpredictable weather is increasingly threatening our safety.

Unfortunately, on the weekend of the 10th, a surfer in his 30s who was enjoying surfing at the beach in Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do, died after being struck by lightning. The remaining five people who also suffered lightning damage are said to have had no life-threatening injuries, fortunately. According to the police, they were sitting on the beach after surfing, and one person in his 20s, a person with minor injuries, reportedly got into an accident while using an umbrella. Lightning accidents are not common, but they occasionally occur during the summer. The biggest lightning accident we remember is the 2007 lightning accident involving a hiker on Mt. Bukhan Mountain. Climbers climbing Yonghyeolbong Peak on Bukhansan Mountain were suddenly struck by lightning, killing four climbers and injuring four others. According to eyewitnesses at the time, lightning struck a hiker's hiking stick, causing nearby hikers to also suffer an accident. Experts advise that in the event of a sudden lightning strike, you should lower your body as much as possible and avoid large trees and rocks. Additionally, we ask you to stay indoors or in your car as safely as possible. Also, if you are indoors, unplug the power plug, stay as far away as possible, and place the antenna down even in the car.

In addition to disasters caused by natural disasters, water accidents due to harvesting of snails frequently occur during the summer, so special caution is required. As water accidents due to harvesting of snails continued, the Chungcheongbuk-do fire department urged caution by disclosing the number of accidents over the past five years. According to the Chungbuk Provincial Fire Department, there were a total of 20 fatal accidents related to snail harvesting that occurred in the province over the past five years (2018-2022), and they occurred concentrated from June to August. The age group of the deceased was mainly elderly: 2 people in their teens, 1 person in their 40s, 3 people in their 50s, 7 people in their 60s, 5 people in their 70s, and 2 people in their 80s. It is known that water accidents while harvesting snails in North Chungcheong Province occur most frequently in the country, along with Gangwon Province. This is because there are many valleys and rivers where snails inhabit. The area where the accident occurred was found to be a place where the flow speed changes significantly and the water depth changes rapidly. It is said that as many as 52 people have lost their lives not only in North Chungcheong Province but also across the country while harvesting snails over the past three years. Converting to an annual average, about 17 people lost their precious lives while harvesting snails. This is more than the number of people killed by sharks worldwide, which is 5 per year, calculated by the University of Florida's shark research team last year. Ironically, it is more scary than sharks. To prevent snail harvesting accidents, fire authorities recommend not working alone, not collecting while drunk, not entering the water if you have any health problems, wearing life jackets and non-slip shoes, and not harvesting after dark. We are asking you to strictly comply.

In order to protect our precious lives from the threats of various safety accidents that occur repeatedly during the summer, each individual must have a strong safety awareness. When engaging in a particular outdoor activity, you need to think about all the possible scenarios. You should pay close attention to the weather forecast and familiarize yourself with the manual to prepare for emergencies. We must remember once again that the only way to save ourselves from disaster is through thorough preparation and safety awareness. I would like to ask the relevant organizations, which are working hard to prepare for various safety accidents during the summer, to carry out more thorough management and prevention activities. I know that they are making special plans and making special efforts to prevent accidents, but I hope that they will become guardians of the lives of the residents with more thorough preparations and alertness.

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