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Fire station panel -- Introduction to disaster safety products

Certificate number

No. CDSP-2023-36

Fire department surge protection panel with surge monitoring function

Company information

Company name

Surge Free Co., Ltd.

Company type

□ Large


☑Small and medium



Jeonju liquor

main product

Surge protector , fire department surge protection panel , surge monitoring





Room 904, Woori Venture Town, 466 Gangseo-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul

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Product information

Certification Number

No. CDSP-2023-36

Certification period

2023.12.27. ~ 2026.12.26

product name

Fire department surge protection panel with surge monitoring function

model name

(Item identification number)

FSPS – 5 CH (item identification number; 39121610 – 24718496)

Product type

Social disaster prevention products – Fire-related social disaster prevention products – Automatic fire equipment protection



property rights

◦Patent (10-1526229) Panel device for surge protection in building firefighting systems

◦Patented (10-1360239) Integrated surge protection device consisting of a module structure enclosure and safety cover

◦Patent (10-1902766) Surge Black Box System

Main supplier

Public institutions, companies, social infrastructure facilities, power plants, railways, plant facilities, multi-use facilities, firefighting equipment manufacturing equipment companies

Product Description

◦ A disaster safety product that prevents fire detection systems from being damaged or malfunctioning from lightning or surges.


◦Prevents false alarms in firefighting equipment by protecting equipment and preventing insulation destruction in case of sudden overvoltage inflow


◦Fire detection equipment with IoT function that detects, analyzes, and reports real-time lightning, surge, and leakage current

Realization of predictive maintenance management


( Disaster safety product with IoT function that notifies the manager through real-time lightning, surge size, time, frequency, inflow direction +/-, leakage current detection and analysis, data storage, and RS-485 communication)



Structure and operating principle



Part Name


Surge protector for AC, DC power, communication, and equipotential bonding

Surge monitoring

Enclosure, accessory materials

How it Works

◦In case of inflow through the power (AC, DC) supplied to the fire receiving panel and all inflow and outflow lines, lightning,
Quickly discharges surges to the ground with a surge protection device to prevent facility damage, malfunction, and insulation destruction.
◦Realize scientific maintenance management with real-time detection, diagnosis, and storage functions for lightning, surge, insulation status, and leakage current

(Real-time detection and diagnosis of incoming lightning, surge size, time, frequency, inflow direction +/-, leakage current, data storage, and notification to the administrator through RS-485 communication are possible for real-time confirmation)


Uses and features


◦Prevent damage to the fire detection system and prevent malfunction even when lightning or surge enters the fire detection system.

◦Fire detection system protection against sudden overvoltage, prevention of insulation breakdown, and improvement of durability

◦Accident prevention and early detection of abnormalities in firefighting receivers

◦Realize scientific maintenance management with real-time detection, diagnosis and storage function for lightning, surge, insulation status and leakage current


◦The fire detection system protects firefighting equipment from lightning and surges flowing into the line (+/_).

◦ Automatic detection, analysis, storage and transmission of lightning, surge magnitude, surge data (time, magnitude, direction, frequency) and leakage current to promote scientific conservation management and asset management efficiency.

◦In order to prevent damage and malfunction of the fire detection system, surge protection devices are installed on all connected lines to protect them.

◦Products that have secured reliability and safety through official testing (quality characteristics testing/EMC testing)


◦Disaster safety products that contribute to protecting people’s lives and property

◦It is a proven product installed and operated by Samsung Electronics, etc., and is a PL product.

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