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A lightning strike struck... 42 cows die simultaneously

A lightning strike struck... 42 cows die simultaneously

케챱 유튜브 케챱 틱톡 케챱 인스타그램
An incident occurred in Dongbang City, Hainan Province, China, where 42 cattle that were grazing were killed simultaneously. China's state-run media observer network reported on the 26th that 42 cattle raised by local residents were killed in a lightning accident that struck the area around 4 p.m. on the 24th. According to reports, this is the first time that a large number of cattle have been killed in a lightning accident.

At the time of the accident, the local Meteorological Administration issued a yellow warning for a storm accompanied by thunder and lightning, and all residents in the area refrained from outdoor activities. An official from the Korea Meteorological Administration explained, “A typhoon yellow warning was issued around 3:58 p.m. on the 24th, but the cows were hit by lightning and died en masse at 4 o’clock, two minutes after the warning was issued.”

This incident of cattle deaths went viral after a video filmed by a local resident that day was released online. In the video filmed at the time, 42 of the 150 cows heading to the barn were struck by lightning and died en masse, showing them lying on the ground. Mr. Wang, owner of the 42 cows that died, said, “I was moving the 150 cows that were grazing with my father right before the accident,” adding, “We started moving right after the typhoon warning was issued. “Just before we arrived at the barn, there was a flash of thunder and lightning, and all the cows fell to the ground,” he said. He added, “Some of the cattle that died due to lightning this time were over 500 kg, so the economic damage is significant.”

According to experts, it is known that livestock have a survival habit of hugging each other during bad weather. It was reported that on this day as well, when lightning struck the ground, a high current flowed through the ground, electrocuting nearby cattle at the same time. The explanation is that during a lightning strike, an electric current flows up to tens of meters, and because the cows are on the ground with all four feet, the electric current flowing above the ground is probably absorbed.

The local government plans to mobilize agricultural service center staff to patrol the village. In addition, they announced that they were using the village broadcasting station to conduct training to prevent lightning accidents caused by typhoons, and that they were investigating whether there were additional damage to farms.

Meanwhile, the only case of animals dying in droves due to a lightning strike occurred in Australia in 2005, when 68 livestock cattle died after being struck by lightning. At the time, the 68 animals that died in the accident were recognized as the Guinness Book of Records for animals killed in lightning accidents.

Lim Ji-yeon, Beijing (China) correspondent

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