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Lightning warning system

What is a lightning warning?


Lightning is arguably one of the most underestimated weather hazards. Recently, due to the influence of climate change, the number of lightning strikes along with heavy rain showers is increasing every year. The biggest risk of lightning is that many businesses and people are unaware of the risks they are exposed to during a thunderstorm. Since the first or first few lightning strikes cause the most damage, early warning and appropriate action during a thunderstorm can greatly reduce the risk to all people and equipment.



Lightning is a type of lightning discharge, and the phenomenon in which electric charges within a thundercloud fall to the ground and discharge is called “lightning.”
(Thunderbolt, Cloud to ground discharge)
※ Frequency and size of lightning: The average size of lightning is 30kA to 40kA, less than 18kA accounts for 50%, over 100kA accounts for about 10%, and over 220kA only 0.02%.

Lightning characteristics in Korea

1. The frequency of occurrence is more than 1,500 times per year throughout the Korean Peninsula - the northern Gyeonggi-do, southern Hwanghae-do, western Gangwon-do, and Chungcheong-do regions show the highest frequency of occurrence with more than 3,000 times, especially near Daejeon with more than 6,500 times, especially in summer. Occurs more than 70% concentrated in
2. Our country is located in a westerly wind zone, so the air mass approaching from the west receives a large amount of water vapor as it passes through the West Sea, and thunderstorms easily develop in the West Sea and the West Coast, resulting in frequent lightning strikes.
3. It mainly occurs between 2 and 3 PM during the period of atmospheric instability due to ground heating due to the influence of high pressure in the North Pacific in summer.

What is a lightning warning?

Lightning warning is important to protect life and property before the first lightning strike (CG: Cloud-Ground lightning) occurs. This is because more than half of lightning damage occurs from the first lightning strike or the first few lightning strikes in the area of ​​interest.
As part of the lightning protection system, lightning warning devices are installed in airports, mines, military facilities, spacecraft launch pads, golf courses, radar centers, and broadcasting relay stations to protect major equipment and people by issuing an alarm with a certain advance time before the first lightning strike. It is installed for the purpose.

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